Journal Sample

A journal will be maintained for the duration of the project work and checked periodically throughout the term.  Students should strive for about one journal entries per week or about thirty entries in a semester. The goal of the journal is to document what the students did and learned throughout the semester.  It is a reflective document that reveals the student’s understanding of their accomplishments, challenges and self-assessment of personal work and progress.


  • At least two a week
  • One paragraph in length each
  • Detailing what you did and what you learned
    • Today I continued to researched basic photo composition. I googled more sites and found lots of examples and explanations. I then started searching for images that demonstrate the rules  at and I picked my favorite ones. I learned how to make ordinary things look a lot better with good camera placement. Tomorrow I will check out a camera and go take my pictures.

Scoring Guide Per Entry

  • 2 point for explaining what was done
  • 2 point for explaining what was learned
  • 1 point for good grammar and spelling