Lesson Plans – Kevin Wright

February 3, 2009

Viscom: (D-12) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th (lunch after 3rd)

We are in the middle of transfering Beginning students from my class to Mr. LeDucs class in Pod C. They should know to check in with him but if the do come to class make a note that they are in class and send them to Pod C.

For all the advanced students Here is what they need to do:
Photography students – Project theme in “Colors” They need to decide how they want to interpret that. I want them to come up with some ideas for what they want to take pictures of and then find an example or 2 online and print them on the F-1 Phaser 780 printer. Tell them I want a write up of what they plan to take pictures of and the sample photo.
Photoshop students -They need to go online and fine any tutorial that has to do with a “Layer Mask” I would like them to start doing that Tutorial. I would like them to write down the web address of the tutorial they are using. It can all be done on one piece of paper, as long as it has their name also.
All other students: They need to write up a proposal for what they want to do for a project. it needs to include:
1. What they want to produce
2. What they are going to learn new
3. What resources they are going to use
4. How they want to present it at the end of the project

CNS: (D-12) 4th Right after lunch

There are 6 groups of students in this class. one for each day of the week and one freelance group. the Thursday group is going to be filming the announcements that we will be getting from the office. They will be out of the room most of the period.

The MOST important thing is to make sure that the cameras are back in the room at the end of the period. There are 6 of them PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COUNT THEM!!!! We have had a few stolen recently!!

I hope you have a great day.
Kevin Wright