Leadership Research Paper

Research a Person in Media

Compose a two page double spaced paper about an artist in media.  The art forms may include but are not limited to photography, graphics, design, video, film, audio, music, game design, etc.  Include a short biography of the person and highlight the contributions the person has made to their art form.  Please cite at least three resources.  An example artist is the photographer Ansel Adams.

Include in your paper:

  1. Your Name
  2. Name of Person you Researched
  3. Short Biography, including some of the information below:
    • Birthday
    • Home town and country
    • Significant information about their early life
    • Schools they attended
    • Jobs they had
    • Other information you find interesting
  4. Contributions to their art form
    • Why are they famous?
    • Did they have to overcome something to be successful?
    • Were there influential people who helped them?
    • Did they win awards for their creativity?
    • Uncommon information about them?
  5. Submit 2 page, typed, double spaced
  6. Cite at least 3 sources of your research