First Solo Games and Feedback – January 2021


  1. Create a game or follow a tutorial
  2. Publish it to your account (Make a page for your game)
  3. Enter our Game Jam,
  4. Create a blog post, detailed below

3rd Period Games and Feedback

4th Period Games and Feedback


  •  Inspiration
    • Research some game for ideas
  • Intention
    • Set an Intention (Goal) for your game or tutorial you are following
      • Be specific: what do you hope the audience feels, learns, experiences, etc. by playing your game?
  • Pre-production
    • Write a logline
    • Brainstorm mechanics, aesthetics, and dynamics for your game
    • Storyboard for characters, tools, levels, menus, fonts, colors, graphics, sounds, etc
    • Make a TODO list in Trello or some other GTD Scrum-type system
  • Production
    • Make your game in Construct or Unity
  • Post-production
    • Edit or fine-tune your work
    • Export to an HTML5 zip file
    • Publish to an page and enter the Class Game Jam
    • Publish a blog post at your Edublogs account
      • Copy and Paste the Game Feedback TEMPLATE
      • Title your post Your Game Feedback
      • Place an image from the game at the top
      • Link your game under the image
      • Write a summary of your game (under the Summary heading)
        • Write a brief description of your project
          • Include your logline
          • Include the goal of your game
      • Write two questions for the audience (under the Questions heading)
        • What feedback do you want from the audience to help you improve your game-making skills?
        • You will post these questions to the Zoom chat before we play your game so people can focus their attention on your requested feedback when they play your game
      • Write the feedback you received from other students (under the Peer Feedback heading)
        • After you receive feedback, add it to your post
        • Cite the student sources with only their first names
          • Citation with specific names is more professional


Mr. Le Duc’s Account for Game Jams

Logline Creator

Game Engine

Pixel Arts and Graphics Designer

Game Building Tutorial

Saving Game as an HTML5 Zip File

1 Export HTML5

2 Export HTML5

3 Export HTML5

4 Export HTML5

Uploading your HTML5 File to an Page

1. Publish an HTML 5 Game to Itch

  • Follow this tutorial:
  • Create an account on
    • Use only your Olympia School District email address
    • Use only your first name and use the class period for your last name
      • Example: ‘Chris 3rd Period’
    • Do not connect any personal social media accounts to your account

2. If is not an option, attach your HTML5 Zip file to an email and send it to

Example Itch Page From a Game Design School