First Solo Songs and Feedback – January 2021

“music” by craigCloutier is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


  1. Choose verticle or horizontal composition:
    • VERTICLE IN SOUNDTRAP: Create a singular song ARRANGEMENT SECTION (Chorus, Verse, Intro, Bridge, or Solo) with at least 4 layers (Guitar, Voice, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, etc.)
    • or…
    • HORIZONTAL IN SOUNDTRAP: Create a SINGLE TRACK of a complete song form arrangement (Chrous, Verse, Intro, Bridge, Solo) Example form: ABABCB
  2. Blog post with the material listed in the Steps section below

Student Songs and Feedback


  •  Inspiration
    • Research some songs
  • Intention
    • Set an Intention (Goal) for your composition
      • Be specific: what do you hope the audience feels, learns, experiences, etc. by listening to your song?
  • Pre-production
  • Production
    • Record tracks in Soundtrap
    • Share your song with Mr. Le Duc in Soundtrap
    • Invited in soundtrap
    • You may collaborate with other students if you want
  • Post-production
    • Edit your tracks
    • Publish to your Google Drive or
    • Publish a blog post at your account
      • Copy and paste the Song Feedback TEMPLATE into your blog
      • Title your post Your Composition’s Name Feedback
      • Embed your song from your OSD Google Drive or your
      • Under the Summary heading…
        • Write a brief description of your project
          • Include your logline
          • Include your intention/goal
  • Questions and Feedback
    • Under the Questions heading…
    • Write a few questions for the audience
      • What feedback do you want from the audience to help you improve your skills?
      • We will post these to the chat before listening, for people to respond
    • Under the Peer Feedback heading…
    • After you receive this feedback, add it to your post
    • Cite the sources with their first name only


Logline Creator

Explore the resources in Mr. Le Duc’s Song Structure post