Camera Movement and Emotion

  • Camera movement creates different emotion
  • Camera moves correspond with adding, detracting, or emphasizing an emotion

The camera shot names and associated emotions

  • Crane shot – camera shot moving down, bringing viewer into the subject matter or character’s world
  • Rising up – camera rises making character feel smaller and making obstacle feel bigger to overcome
  • High shot to low shot – makes character feel bigger, or feel of authority and confidence
  • Handheld camera (moving behind object or character)- can stir a feeling of uneasiness or danger (shaky, unsettling)
  • Quick pan – surprise or new change of the story, new context or element
  • Quick push in – feeling of surprise or shock (view on subject’s reaction)
  • Slow Dolly – moving camera in, causing tension or to share emotion with character
  • Slow Dolly Out – showcases feeling of loss or abandonment
  • Dolly Cross – reveals something that changes the emotion, changes perspective and mood
  • Handheld (in comparison with glide cam) – more edgy than glide cam, pushes emotion in your face
  • Glide cam – clean 360 reveal, but can build tension and temptation for something that’s about to happen
  • Zolly – zooming dolly, background gets larger or smaller, character size stays the same, (move camera closer and change the lens simultaneously), creates great emotional build up

The notes were created by Ellie, Fall 2014