Camera Angles and Emotion

Creative Commons image by allyaubry at Flickr


  • Explore camera angles and demonstrate emotion
  • Learn to use lenses of  various focal lengths
  • Learn to use lighting techniques that enhance the scene


  • Blog post with embedded video from YouTube


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  • Watch Bryan Adams Summer of 69 music video for edits and camera angles
  • Watch Camera Angles and Shots for Filmmaking
  • Watch tutorials and take notes on camera angles and emotion
    • Camera movement creates emotion
    • Camera moves correspond with adding, detracting, or emphasizing an emotion
  • Explore lens focal length
  • Review Camera Angles, Movement, Positions Worksheet (PDF)
  • Brainwrite ideas on paper
  • Brainstorm the brain written ideas on paper in a storyboard layout
    • Set an overall feeling for the whole production
      • For example; is it a story about loss, being alone, boredom in class, joy of a great discovery, satisfaction of winning, relief of not getting caught, etc.
    • Have at least 6 different camera angles with the emotion in your film
    • Every shot or scene needs to have an angle description and emotion associated with it written in the cell
      • I recommend the bottom
    • Be careful, be thorough
    • Have fun!
  • Write the script and storyboard
  • Pitch storyboard to class/teacher
  • Plan your filming schedule
    • Who’s doing what when?
  • Practice with lighting equipment and lenses
  • Film
  • Edit
  • Upload video to your YouTube account
  • Embed your video in a blog post titled, Camera Angles and Emotion
  • Comment on the video indicating the camera angles/shots and emotions you were trying to envoke


  • Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera
  • Various focal length lens: 50mm, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses
  • Reflector
  • Light box
  • Diffuser
  • Lighting equipment
  • iMovie
  • YouTube


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