Editing Photographically



  • 6.12 Use software to perform standard alterations to digital images (e.g. auto correct, correct exposure, adjusting tone, levels, correcting color, cropping, rotating, and sharpening)
  • 6.13 Use software to perform hand coloring techniques (e.g. sepia, black and white, duotones, selective coloring)
  • 6.14 Use software to retouch digital images (e.g. dust removal, selections, layers, blend, dodge and burn, blur, remove backgrounds, remove object, composite)


  • Blog post with 6 embedded pictures from Flickr
    • Altered
      • 1 before image
      • 1 after image (after your edited it in Photoshop)
    • Colored
      • 1 before image
      • 1 after image (after your edited it in Photoshop)
    • Retouched
      • 1 before image
      • 1 after image (after your edited it in Photoshop)


  • To be added later


  • Once you have gathered photographic examples for the three categories and have uploaded them to your Flickr account we will optimize them in Photoshop with the histogram, color balancing, filters, and other photo editing techniques.  
    • Have all the images saved in your Flickr account and ready for presentation.
  • Pick a photograph from your Seeing Photographically project
  • Read or watch tutorials
  • Use Flickr’s photo editor, Aviary
  • Use Photoshop auto and manual settings
  • Publish the edited photo to your Flickr account
  • Present the image on evaluation day
  • Comment on other people’s images from class
  • Offer them constructive criticism to improve the image
  • Create a blog post titled, Editing Photographically
    • Explain your rationale for editing the image
      • State what tools you used
      • Describe how you used these tools
  • Embed the orignal image
  • Embed the Photoshopped image
  • Embed a screenshot of the histogram




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