Best Shot


Great pictures tell stories by capturing both information and emotion. Unfortunately, great pictures are hard to come by, even for the best photographers because they require a combination of competence, preparation and opportunity – three things that rarely present themselves concurrently. – Boulder Digital Arts


  • Find a quality photograph and emulate the technical settings, format and creative qualities that make the image stand out like lens aperture and shutter speed, and ISO


  • 6.9 Compare/Contrast file formats
  • 6.10 Identify typical maximum image size vs. nominal pixel count
  • 6.11 Apply knowledge of light to capture correct exposure


  • Blog post with embedded image from Flickr


  • To be added later



  • Examine how the quality of the light afftects image
  • Use the CameraSim to practice taking better pictures
  • Take the picture in RAW format
  • Import the RAW file into Photoshop and adjust settings
  • Identify the pixel count, file size and image dimensions
  • Save the image as a JPG, TIFF, and PNG
  • Compare quality and file size in megabytes (MB)
  • Publish the JPG version of the photo to your online portfolio with all camera settings listed
  • Present the image on evaluation day
  • Comment on other people’s images from class
    • Offer them constructive criticism to improve the image
  • Create a blog post titled My Best Shot
  • Explain your rationale for taking the picture
    • Describe in detail; at least two photographic design rules, like rule of thirds, you will follow or break and explain why,
  • State where you took the picture
  • List what camera settings do you used to properly to take the picture (lens aperture and shutter speed, ISO)
  • Describe any limitations you encountered before taking the picture
  • Embed the inspirational or model image from Flickr into your blog post
  • Cite your source in the title of the image
  • Embed your image from your Flickr account
  • Commenton other students photos in the private class photo gallery
    • The comments explain why the image is well composed or what the author can do to improve the image



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