Composition Rules Slideshow



  • Make a slide show to demonstrate understanding of 6 photographic compositional rules.


  • 6.6 Apply photographic elements of composition
  • 6.7 Download files from storage to a computer
  • 6.8 Select appropriate resolution for application




  1. Create one  slide per rule to share your understanding of 6 photographic compositional rules

  2. Find samples of each rule via the search engine
  3. Save your images with the date, source, author and title in the name of the file
  4. EXAMPLE: 091103FlickrEnricoMartinezRuleof3rds.jpg
  5. Take an example photo of each rule with a simple camera
  6. Save images to a computer
  7. Export your images from Flickr & iPhoto no larger than 1000 pixels on the longest side
  8. Fill the complete slide frame with each picture (for both Flickr and your images)
  9. Place the title of the rule in the picture
  10. Choose a font color that has maximum contrast with the background
  11. Createa citation slide and cite the images with MLA format
  12. Upload slide show to
  13. Watch How to Upload to
  14. Set Your Profile Settings to Safe, if you haven’t already



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