End of Year Final – Le Duc


Below are the steps to complete your final blog post.


Step 1

  • Create blog post titled My Final

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

  • Upload evidence of what you did and learned this year
    • At least 3 projects

Step 5

  • Tell a detailed story of your experience in class this year, using the evidence you uploaded to VoiceThread
    • Highlight At least 3 examples of what you did this year
      • These can be screenshots from your blog
    • For each example verbally:
      • Describe the goal of the project
      • Explain how you overcame a problem in detail, step-by-step
      • Describe at least 1 resource you used to learn from or problem solve with
        • Justify why it is a good resource
      • 1 to 2 minutes in length for each example is roughly how long the recording will be
      • Highlight or draw over elements in the example as you speak
        • It’s cool looking and helps the viewer know that you know what you are talking about

Step 6

  • Embed your VoiceThread link into your My Final blog post
  • Click this button to get the share option share

Step 7

Step 8

  • Write a recommendation in Linkedin
    • Include in your small paragraph
      • What you liked about working with the other student (be specific)
        • EXAMPLES: They were creative, on task, collaborative, supportive, professional, easy to work with, etc.
        • Read more tips  (pdf)
      • Include an example (be specific)
      • Be sure to check grammar
        • Copy and paste into Word and check spelling and grammar
    • Be sure to have the student approve your recommendation
      • Otherwise it will not show on your profile
      • Write a recommendation for someone in our class at Linkedin
      • They need to accept the recommendation for it to show up on your profile
      • TIP: To find other people linked to a profile, look in the Activity Section
      • Toward the top of the page

Step 9

Step 10