Design Project: Create a Quote Poster

Image from Flickr by CriCristina

Design Tips

Create a poster with a quote from someone or some thing you respect.

Use the C.R.A.P. principles in your design.

Learn how to use typography, color  and imagery to relay the meaning of a message.

Examine Mr. Le Duc’s design bookmarks at

View some examples at

Overview of Project

Steps of the Project

  • Find a quote from someone your respect
  • Find a high quality image from the Creative Commons that represents the idea of the quote
    • Make sure the image is at least 800 x 1000 pixels
    • Cite your source:
      • EXAMPLE: username from Flickr
  • Open Adobe Illustrator
  • Place the image
    • File > Place
  • Make the Artboard the same size as the image
    • File > Document Setup > Edit Artboard
  • Create either a text object or a text box and then place the quote in the box
    • Use the Type Tool
  • Download and install a font
  • Open the Character Window and chose a font
    • View > Type > Character
  • Sample a color from the image with the Eyedropper Tool from the tool palette
  • Use this color for the font and/or
  • Use a complimentary color
  • You can use tints and shades of the sample colors, too
  • Adjust the font size and shape to fill space around the point of focus in the image
  • Adjust the kerning and tracking of the character in the Character Window
  • Make sure the all text is consistent in leading in the Character Window
  • Place your name in the image somewhere
    • Created by INSERT YOUR NAME
  • Save as a .jpg or .png file

Sample Work

Blog Post

  • From Illustrator, save for web
  • Upload your new creation to Flickr as a .jpg, or .png file
  • Create a blog post titled, My Quote Poster
  • Write a couple paragraphs explaining the project while answering the following questions:
    1. Why you choose the quote
    2. Why you choose this image
      • Cite the source of the image (should be from the Creative Commons)
    3. What font(s) you used and why
    4. What color(s) you used and why
    5. How you tried to make a unified design between all elements; quote, picture, font, color, etc.
    6. What were the most challenging parts of this project
    7. What are you most proud of, in your work
    8. What you learned
    9. Resources you used create your card


Level 4

  • quote with author name
  • downloaded and installed font
  • font color sampled from part of the image or complimentary color comes from sample
  • multilayered image with text behind some of the image
  • text size, spacing between letters (tracking) and space between lines (leading) are consistent
  • your name, small in the image somewhere
  • excellent use of C.R.A.P. design principles

Level 3

  • Most of the elements above

Level 2

  • Some of the elements above