Graphic Design Basics

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Logo Design Ideas

The Process


  • Learn basics of Adobe Illustrator and create a logo representing the student’s personality


  • A – 1 Identify and correctly use type families (e.g. old style, serif, san serif, script, modern, decorative)
  • B – 2 Measure accurately using typography measuring units (e.g. cap height, baseline, x-height, point size, key size, pica, point)
  • C – 3 Explain vocabulary of typography (e.g. upper case, lower case, ascender, descender, regular, boldface, condensed, expanded, italic, cursive, font, text, type, type style, justified, unjustified, ragged left, ragged right)
  • D – 4 Demonstrate a knowledge of color theory (e.g. light, pigment, transparent/opaque color)
  • E – 5 Demonstrate a work knowledge of color organization and the color wheel (e.g. primary, secondary, tertiary, neutrals)
  • F – 6 Identify and organize color schemes (e.g. monochromatic, complimentary, analogous triadic, split complimentary)
  • G – 7 Demonstrate a working knowledge of values (e.g. value scale, tint, tone, shade, aerial/atmospheric perspective, illusion of space)
  • H – 8 Explain additive and subtractive color (e.g. RGB and CMYK)
  • I – 9 Apply psychology of color to projects


  • Create a logo and a poster

Logo Steps

  • Take personality shape test to determine favorite shape
  • Develop a shape for your logo
  • Explore color theory
    • Take personality surveys to determine favorite color(s)
  • Add color to logo design
  • Upload logo to your Flickr account

Poster Steps

  • Create a poster with a quote
  • Use a powerful quote, image (from Creative Commons), font, and color
  • Create a poster
  • Upload your poster to Flickr

Defend Your Design

  • Create a slideshow defending your design choices
    1. Why you choose the quote
    2. Why you choose this image
      • Cite the source of the image (should be from the Creative Commons)
    3. What font(s) you used and why
    4. What color(s) you used and why
    5. How you tried to make a unified design between all elements; quote, picture, font, color, etc. in your logo and poster
  • Upload your slideshow to

Blog Post

  • Create a blog post titled, Graphic Design Basics
    • Include your logo, poster and slideshow defending you design choices in the blog post

Sample Work


  • Adobe Illustrator


Feedback Form Checklist

Feedback Form Blog Post Preview