Student Personality Survey and Cards

Before you start this project make sure you have…

  1. Created an account at  You will be using your blog to ‘turn in’ student work.
  2. Use Mr. Le Duc’s invite code:
  3. Create a site title and URL, pick what you want just don’t use your last name
  4. Review examples of blog URL’s and usernames: or
  5. site title and url
  6. Watch this nice tutorial to help you understand how it works:
  7. Emailed Mr. Le Duc,, your web address
  8. Rejoice!  You now have the beginning of a professional portfolio!

This project will take you about 75 minutes to complete – maybe less …

Watch the Project Summary Video (9:31 minutes)

  • Below are a series of steps for you to make a personality card.  This card will help the teacher build the course and tailor the content to your personal and professional goals.  It is the most important project of the course.
  • Record the information from each step (write it down, take a picture of it, etc.)
    • You will need it to make your card with an online card maker
    • You will need it to fill in the student information survey in step 10 below

1. Watch Know Your WHY by Michael Jr. (3:49 minutes)

2. Write a few things that define your WHY (about 3 minutes)

  • We will use these to help build the course around your WHY’s
  • If you do not write your WHY’s, we cannot start the class, as we will have no PURPOSE for the class
  • You will add these to the class survey, linked at the bottom of this project

3. Take These 3 Surveys/Quizzes (about 20 minutes)

Survey/Quiz Links

Help reveal elements of your Personality Type and things about you based on Shapes

  1. Myers-Briggs Personality Type Quiz
  2. Shape Theory Test
    • Pick your favorite 3 shapes, don’t think too hard, just look at them and decide which is your favorite, second favorite, and the third favorite

4. Record Information From Surveys/Quizzes (For the Survey and Card)

  • From the Myers-Briggs Quiz, an ENTJ example is included below
  • Personality Type Data
  • Take a screenshot on a Mac
    • Hold down these three keys on a Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + 4 then drag over the area you want to take a screenshot picture of on the desktop with the mouse
    • This will give you a picture of your survey results on the desktop

5. Watch 3 Motivation Styles determined by Personality

6. Pick a Career Pathway That Interests You (about 10 minutes)

  • Review the
  • Chose a career path that seems interesting to you NOW, you can change your mind anytime!
  • Write a few things that you found interesting
  • Also, review your personality type career page

7. Fill in The Student Information Survey (about 10 minutes)

8. Take a Picture of Yourself (It will not be published publically) (about 5 minutes)

  • Face a window in your home
  • Have the light from outside illuminate your face
    • Daylight is very flattering for skin tones
  • Crop the picture in horizontal / portrait mode (wider than taller)
  • Fill the frame with your face, get close to the camera/phone/etc.
  • Hold steady and take a few shots to pick your favorite
  • You will need this image on the computer you are making the personality card

9. Watch One of the Pokemon/Magic/YuGiOh/TradingCard Screencast Tutorials (about 3-4 minutes)

Pick the type of card you would like to make (Pokemon, Magic, or YuGiOh) and watch that video tutorial below

Pokemon and Magic Card Tutorial

YuGiOh Card Tutorial

10. Copy the survey/quiz results into template. (about 10 minutes)


  • First, last name, pronouns (How you want to be addressed in class)
  • Picture of yourself
  • 4 Myers-Briggs (INTJ like stuff) categories and their percentage
  • Top 3 favorite shapes (Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Squiggly)
  • Your motivational style; air, fire, or earth
  • Some career choices, at this point in time
  • Some hobbies you have

Open the image below in a new tab to guide you with filling in the card maker fields

Magic Card Template

11. Save Your Card to Your Desktop and Email to Mr. Le Duc (about 3 minutes)

  • Click and drag the finished card from the CardMaker Web Site to your desktop
  • Rename the image of your card your last name and place in the class folder or email it to Mr. Le Duc

12. Celebrate! (take your time and enjoy!)

  • You have just finished the most important assignment for the class!