Le Duc Sub Notes Oct. 6th

  • Web Development (Period 1)
    1. Work on HTML and CSS Book
    2. Share with the sub what page number you are on by the end of the class period for on task credit
  • Intro to Com Arts and Vis Com Students (Periods 3, 4 and 6)
    • Learning the basics of Photoshop
      1. Complete a Tutorial at:
        • Good-Tutorials.com
        • Remember to click on the Photoshop Tab at the top of the page
          • Seek out a tutorial and try it
          • If it’s too hard, try another one
      • Continue working on your Sesame Street Character from yesterday, if you finish your tutorial early
      • Save your work to your Newton Server Folder
        • We will look at your work tomorrow in class
        • Have three questions about your work ready for tomorrow
      • This is a graded activity
        • You will get credit for showing your experimentation tomorrow
  • Gen TECH (Period 5)
    1. Create accounts at the following sites
    2. Set account setting to conceal your identity
    3. Email Mr. Le Duc all five account web address in an email