2023 CHS AMES Film Contest Entries

The videos below are the films by the Capital High School teams

Top 3 Student Picks to Represent CHS at 2023 AMES

  • Abstract Art
  • How The Heart Decides
  • Dinner

Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar with stakes

Period 2 Team 1 itch.io Page


Artist, fighting for a stable mental state, and explaining their problems by singing.

Period 2 Team 2 itch.io Page


A person with memory loss finds clues to discover their attacker.

Period 2 Team 3 itch.io Page


As a girl is witnessing a home intrusion, she enters a seemingly inescapable time loop and must figure out a way to escape it and further save her roommate from impending death.

Period 2 Team 4 itch.io Page


Student searches for answers and redemption after losing a spelling bee.

Period 2 Team 5 itch.io Page


A girl suffering from stress and develops a bad case of senioritis.

Period 2 Team 7 itch.io Page


Period 2 Team 8 itch.io Page

How (Not) to Get a Job

Boss deals with troublesome interview

Period 2 Team 9 itch.io Page

tHow The Heart Decides

Two Best Friends Unknowingly Get Together With The Same Woman Leading To A Wacky Twist In Their Love Ordeal.

Period 3 Team 1 itch.io Page

The Unseen Watcher

A girl is being stalked and no one believes her.

Period 3 Team 2 itch.io Page

Director’s Cut

A young film student works with an incompetent a team to make a film.

Period 3 Team 3 itch.io Page

Abstract Art

An artist struggles to create a piece that will satisfy their work.

Period 3 Team 4 itch.io Page


Man thinks there is an intruder in his house, investigates the kitchen and shoots the intruder. He wakes up from his schizophrenia episode, realizing he has no more medication and has shot his own son dead.

Period 3 Team 5 itch.io Page


A person fighting overdue work so they can hang out with friend but struggles with procrastination.

Period 3 Team 6 itch.io Page


A person fighting time to complete a film

Period 3 Team 7 itch.io Page