Draw.io and Diagrams.net Flowchart Best Practices

Make effective flowcharts with draw.io / diagrams.net


  • 3:12 Template manager
  • 4:30 Create a blank diagram
    • 17:45 Advanced Feature: create a new page or canvas in the same document
  • 4:36 Format panel and global settings
  • 4:59 Page view and boundary options
  • 5:30 Global connection arrows and points set up
  • 6:46 Global styles for shapes connectors with rounded or sketched options and more
  • 7:30 Flowchart libraries
  • 7:55 Create a basic flowchart diagram

Pro Tips

Key commands are for Mac computers. Use CONTROL instead of OPTION on Windows or Chromebooks

  • 10:42 OPTION+SHIFT+CURSER KEY – Create shapes with your keyboard
  • 11:28 SHIFT+CLICK – Replace existing shapes with your keyboard,
    • Also, drag and drop new shapes and
    • Selecting multiple shapes
  • 12:47 OPTION+SHIFT+CURSER+KEY then change shape by lifting off the OPTION key and selecting the new shape, then push the OPTION key again to make the new shape with the CURSER key. Repeat this process until the flowchart is complete
  • 14:00 Hold CONTROL – Keep shapes centered while resizing
    • CONTROL+SHIFT – Keep shapes proportional AND centered while resizing
  • 16:23 Copy and paste the size from one shape to another shape
  • 17:40 Create basic styling settings for shapes, connectors, edges, corners, arrows, colors, etc.
  • 20:00 Select edges and select vertices
  • 21:00 Flowchart shape colors
    • The start oval is green
    • The end terminator oval is red
    • Decision diamonds can be orange
    • Event (process) rectangles can be blue
  • 21:30 Scratchpad for custom shapes including multiple shape combinations that may be reused often like feedback loops or subprocesses
  • 25:07 Building and saving a custom library that can be reused and shared with others via Google Drive
  • 29:16 Adding a shape onto an existing flowchart
  • 37:31 Adding text to a connector
  • 46:00 Adding a table