2022 CHS AMES Film Contest Entries

The videos below are the films by the Capital High School teams

Community Killer

The last remnants of a community battle against the community killer.

Missing McNabb

A group of high school kids comes together to find a missing teacher (Mr. McNabb).

Study Room Interloper

A disruptive student joins an afterschool study group.

The Capital Connection

A group of people tries to make a documentary about community but a careless guy ruins it.

The Perfect School

Someone gets a tour of the perfect school.

Happy Pills

A kid goes to the pharmacy to get happy pills then the narrator chimes in and starts listing the side effects kid zones out and starts having a realization about the pills and throws them away.

English Class

Teacher attempts to corral students during zoom school.

2 Dark

A group of friends trying to survive an unknown entity.


Cult comes together over the destruction of Evil Man.