DAW Audio Composition Project – 2022

Tucker's GarageBand Composition


  • Learn about music composition with audio tracks in Apple GarageBand
  • Build a composition based on the song structure from a song you love
  • Export an appropriate audio file format
  • Publish your work to your portfolio and receive feedback


  • Analyze and learn from songs you love
  • Need to understand sections of song arrangements
  • Need to know basics of sound file formats and extensions (e.g. WAV, AIFF, MP3, MIDI, etc.)
  • Need to know basics of digital audio workstations (DAW)
  • Use software to edit sound files
  • Use software to ‘sweeten’/equalize the audio



HOW: GARAGEBAND STEPS (Use Soundtrap, if not in the classroom)

  • Create a new Empty Project
  • Click on the Green Software Insrtrumenrt Image
  • Drag and drop song .mp3 into GarageBand
  • Explore Song Structure Form
  • Create an Arrangement Track and build the song structure
  • Write notes in the Note Pad Tool detailing what instruments you hear in the imported .mp3
  • Create one track for each instrument you heard in the imported .mp3


  • Find the Sections of the song like verse, chorus, etc.
  • Listen to the song and write down what instruments you hear in the Note Pad Tool, it is located in the top right corner of GarageBand


  • Create tracks for each instrument you want to include in your composition

With tracks in GarageBand for each instrument, you want to include in your song…

  • Based on Arrangement Track sections (Verse, Chorus, etc.), plan track by track what you want to create in your song
  • Audition GarageBand instruments and loops for each track
  • Experiment and record with note and/or chord patterns for each track
  • Complete and export your composition as an.mp3 by the due date



RUBRIC for Technical Skills

  • 4 Points – All elements of WHAT are accomplished
  • 3 Points – Most elements of WHAT are accomplished
  • 2 Points – Some elements of WHAT are accomplished
  • 1 Point – Few elements of WHAT are accomplished

Feedback Form