Fall 2020 Bridge Music Project Session Debrief

Bridge Music Project

Over the past 6 weeks, CHS School of Rock students composed and recorded songs with mentors from the Bridge Music Project, bridgemusicproject.org.
This wonderful opportunity was funded in part by the Olympia School District Education Foundation, osdef.org, the CHS Parent Organization. chspo.org, and the Combined Fund Drive (wa.gov) organized by the Washington State Health Care Authority, www.hca.wa.gov.

Notes from Teaching at School of Rock

What we did

  • We talked about skills
  • We dedicated guitar, melody, lyrics, singing, etc. to each student
  • We found a melody we wanted to work with
  • We decided on a tempo
  • We decided the genre
  • We got some rhythm to accompany the melody
  • We dedicated one person to write the lyrics and sing
  • We worked on percussion
  • We added some riffs

What I think we should have done

  • Get to know each other
  • Talk about what we want to come of this and what our expectations are
  • Give examples of music we enjoy
  • See how we can best collaborate
  • Pick an agreed-upon genre
  • Select a simple song structure like ABABCB
    • INTRO
      A – VERSE
      B – CHORUS
      A – VERSE
      B – CHORUS
      B – BRIDGE
      C – CHORUS
      B – OUTRO
  • Dedicate a LEAD TRACK for everyone to follow that would have the rhythm or tempo for people to follow
  • Pick the BEAT or BASSLINE
  • Decide on notes or chords like E-E-G-A-B-A-G-E
  • Come up with a RHYTHM at the same time as we come up with the VERSE (maybe team them up)
  • Assign the INTRO/ OUTRO, VERSE, CHORUS, BRIDGE to dedicated talent
  • Assign and use deadlines

What worked and What didn’t

  • Some of my students would play riffs, but didn’t know what notes they were playing
  • Keeping rhythm was challenging for the group
  • Some students had a hard time collaborating


  • All in all, I had a blast and I really look forward to hearing what the class has to offer
  • Thank you for the opportunity, I greatly appreciate it