Lenno on His Mixing Workflow, Improving Your Musicality, and Making Money Without Shows

From edmprod.com

Lenno is a Finnish producer and songwriter who’s well known for his disco and funk inspired dance tracks. Outside of his impressive catalogue of solo releases, he’s remixed dozens of big artists like Zayn and Tove Lo, and he’s also a sought after co-producer, regularly working with artists such as Oliver Heldens and Seeb. With over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, Lenno is a staple in the dance music industry.

In this episode, we start with Lenno’s background, discussing his classic music upbringing and the shift that made him take electronic music seriously. We discuss how he fell into remix work early on, and what the process was like to find management. We later look at how he built a financially viable career in the music industry without relying too heavily on live shows. We also look at the burnout he had with the Lenno project, and how he fell into the healthy writing balance he has now.

On the production side, Lenno dives deep into the technical side of his production and mixing workflow. He walks step by step through his drum bus processing, how he mixes his synths, and his favorite guitar chain. He also discusses the importance of microvariation in your arrangements, his favorite virtual analog synths, and where he falls on the analog versus digital debate.

Later on, we discuss the importance of finding and sticking with a unique sound, how he began co-producing for Oliver Heldens and Seeb, and his advice for producers looking to improve their musicality, even if they don’t play an instrument. He also discusses the importance of proper monitoring and acoustic treatment, as well as brand new Splice pack.