Discovering Influences (Film)

CC image Charlie Chaplin by Insomnia Cured Here at Flickr
CC image Charlie Chaplin by Insomnia Cured Here at Flickr
  • Material below is from the 2019 IB Film Teacher Support Material

An important part of studying film is discovering artists and filmmakers who make an impression on you. Most filmmakers are influenced by other films, filmmakers and filmmaking traditions.

The film journal is a great place for students to consider and reflect upon films, filmmakers, scenes or techniques that really speak to them. These could be used later on to guide their own production work, or help students to develop their own sense of style.

After screening any film (feature, short or student-made) students should take a moment to record one aspect that they found compelling. Once they have done this, allow 15–20 minutes for the student to do further research on this (including biography, relationships to other films, technical commentary, and so on) to give them a better understanding of this influence.

Over the course of two years, students should have a substantial list of influences that they can then use to inspire their production work and guide them in their choice of topics for further study.