Roll a Ball Screencast

Screenshot from Unity YouTube Channel
Screenshot from Unity YouTube Channel


  • Complete the Roll a Ball Tutorials at Unity Learn
    • Complete the sections Tutorials:
      1. Environment and Player
      2. Camera and Play Area
      3. Collecting, Scoring and Building the game
  • Learn to:
    • Create new game objects
    • Position game objects in the scene
    • Add new components to game objects
    • Write custom behaviors for game objects using simple scripting
    • Use lights, cameras, colliders, triggers, rigid bodies
    • Collect and count objects
  • Create blog post titled, Roll a Ball
  • Complete the screencast with Quicktime Player on the Mac
  • Publish to YouTube
  • Set to unlisted
  • Embed into your blog post
  • Write a brief summary of the project
    • This should be a paragraph explaining what you did and learned
    • Include problems you solved <– this is the most important part
  • Check your grammar and spelling

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