2017 OSDEF Video Production Project

OSDEF Project

Consult with the Client

    • Received and email requesting help on the project
    • Scheduled a time to meet and discuss the project
    • Spoke with Matt Perkins about the Principal’s Emergency Checkbook Fund
    • Reviewed the current video

President’s Emergency Checkbook Fund Video from Pardiman Productions on Vimeo.

Establish Criteria

  • Emotion
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Background
  • Camera positions
  • Images
  • Testimonials
  • Background music

Establish Deadlines

  • Started in mid April 2017
  • Final project due at the end of May 2017
  1. Mr. Le Duc will take pictures at each site ( WEEK 1)
  2. Students teams, about 10, will create 30 second demos ( WEEK 2)
    • Students ‘standing in’ for the admin of how they would shoot the interviews demonstrating lighting, sound, soundtrack and basic edits.
  3. OSDEF will pick the best one ( WEEK 3)
  4. Schedule Interviews ( WEEK 3)
  5. That team will record the interviews (WEEK 3 and 4)
  6. All film students will individually edit the interview (WEEK 5)
  7. OSDEF will pick the best edit (BY END OF MAY)
  8. Celebrate!

Equipment List

  • Two cameras , batteries, and high speed SD cards
  • Lights and batteries
  • Reflectors
  • Audio desk, batteries, and SD cards
  • Shotgun mic
  • Lav mic, as backup
  • etc.

Visual and Audio Survey of Sites

Film Samples

  • Students filmed examples of how they would film the interviews
  • Client picked the top three teams film the interviews
  • Each selected team will film one administrator
  • The content is irrelevant
  • What we looked for is quality lighting, sound, camera positions, music, image cut-aways, text on screen, and cropping.
  • Samples Videos
  • The client chose teams 3, 4, and 7 to film the administrators

Organize Testimonials and Images

  • Read the testimonials
  • Looked at the images
  • Decided on best combination of images and statements
  • Recorded testimonials

Storyboard Project

  • Reverse engineered the current video by the second

Edit Assets

  • Each student will individually edit the media into a final version