Unity Unit 6 – Game Development Tools, Functions, and Properties

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Review Unit 6


Activities in this unit of study are constructed to facilitate the design, development, and analysis of existing tools used for game development. This unit will explore software selection, language selection, and technical tools used in the creation of interactive applications and video games.


In this unit, learners will explore the following topics:

  • Middleware and 3D engines
  • Level editors (e.g. Unity Editor)
  • Physics engines (e.g. PhysX)
  • Sound editing tools
  • Dynamic libraries


Unity Unit 6  Assignment Checklist

  • 6.C.1.A: Exploring the Unity Editor
  • 6.C.2.A: Game Design Document (GDD) Entry
  • 6.C.2.B: Game Design Document (GDD)
  • 6.C.2.C: Other Activities

6.C.1.A: Exploring the Unity Editor

  • Within this unit, learners will gain a deeper understanding of development tools, engines, and level design concepts. They should also continue to develop basic scripting skills required to build any game, and their Capstone Project. The tutorials listed below provide additional hands-on learning experiences with the Unity Editor. They also provide skills that can be retroactively applied to the work already completed. Provide adequate time for learners to complete these tutorials as they cover key scripting topics.

Unity Basic Scripting

Assignment Details

  • Watch the Quicktime Screencasting Tutorial to upload to YouTube as evidence
  • Create blog posts for each training activity below
  • Title each post after the scripting element
    • Example: Activating Game Objects
  • Embed the training video from YouTube at the top of your blog post
  • Create a scene in Unity that demonstrates the scripting element
    • You might reuse the same project to demonstrate your new script, like the bouncing ball, etc.
  • Place evidence of your work with the Beginner Gameplay Scripting Element  in your blog post
    • This could be a screenshot uploaded to Flickr and embedded into your post
    • This could be a short screencast uploaded to YouTube and embedded into your post
  • Create a heading What I Learned
    • Write a short paragraph describing what you learned and a problem you solved

Beginner Gameplay Scripting Elements

Student Samples

  • Coming soon!

6.C.2.A: Game Design Document (GDD) Addition

In your Game Design Document (GDD), begin to list the task you will need to address as you develop your game, using Unity as your game editor and game engine.

  • What types of libraries might you need?
  • What external file formats might you use?
  • Will your game have physics based interactions and, if so, are there any special needs you must take into account?
  • Given that Unity supports multiple languages, which language will you use?

Make notes for yourself as to why you made these choices. This will help spark your memory at a later time.

Assignment Details

  • Add the above ideas to your Dundoc.com GDD, as needed


Students Samples

6.C.2.B: Game Design Document (GDD)

Begin to draft sections 2.1 and 2.2 of your Game Design Document (GDD) – Le Duc will define this later. At this time, focus most of your attention on gameplay. You will need to consider the physics aspects of the inter- actions that will occur in your game and depict these in a Game Design Matrix. Things to con- sider include, but are not limited to: gravity, motion, elasticity, light, and sound.

Example Game Design Matrix

Image from gamasutra.com
Image from gamasutra.com

6.C.2.C: Other Activities

  • Coming soon!

Unit Resources

  1. Global Directory of Game Engines and Middleware http://www.gamemiddleware.org/
  2. History And Comparative Study Of Modern Game Engines http://bipublication.com/files/IJCMS-V3I2-2012-07.pdf
  3. Top 14 game engines in 2013: http://www.develop-online.net/news/the-top-14-game-engines-the-list-in-full/0114330
  4. What Level Editor and Game Engine Should You Use http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/categories/level_design_tutorials/what-level-editor-game-engine-should-you-use-how-to-choose.php
  5. Good source of information for programming languages comparison, pros and cons:http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Programming/Languages/Comparison_and_Review/
  6. Great Resource for Quick Script/code and Animation: Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself: http://www.amazon.com/Unity-Development-Hours-Teach-Yourself/ dp/0672336960 by Mike Geig.