Acting Operation and Control

Becoming An Actor

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  • Understand and demonstrate film acting

Standards, Terms, and Concepts

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Acting Tutorials

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  • Blog post with embedded video from YouTube of the various acting techniques demonstrated and explained


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  1. Watch SOMETHING!
  2. Create blog post titled, Acting Operation and Control
    • Create headings for:
      • Summary
      • Terms and Concepts
      • Timeline
      • Project Skills Evidence
      • What I Learned
  3. Read or Watch SOMETHING!
  4. Write a script for your documentary film about basic blocking operations include all terms and concepts to be included in your short film
    • The point of the film is to demonstrate what you have learned about blocking operations as a reference for yourself in your blog
  5. Storyboard each shot
    • Storyboard template
  6. Block each shot
  7. Create the shot list for the project
  8. Create an equipment list
  9. Practice each shot, update script, as needed
  10. Gather equipment; camera, lens, shotgun mic, lights, bounce, diffuser, etc.
  11. Create a shot log
  12. Shoot each scene
  13. Catalog shots
  14. Edit shots in Adobe Premiere



Feedback Form

  • Acting Operation and Control (PDF) – Coming soon…