Video Project 2 – Interview & Lighting

Image by Gurumustuk Singh at Flickr


  • Read an article or watch a tutorial about video planning, recording, production and / or tips and tricks from
  • Record an interview summarizing the main points of the article
  • Make sure the interviewee is well lit
  • Use cut away images in video

Sample Blog Post and Video

Feedback Form

Goal of Project

  • Explore as a rich resource for both creative and technical video ideas
  • Learn to record a properly lit interview with supportive cut away images and /or video clips


  • BEFORE you are allowed to film, the teacher needs to approve your STORYBOARDED idea
    • Have a concept and a rough script on paper to show the teacher for approval
  • Create a SHOT LIST
    • Use the back side of your storyboard to write the order you plan to film you scenes
  • The teacher needs to know where you want to film and what extra things you need, if any


  • Your partner will “act” for you or record you as the interviewee
  • Download any images as cut aways to enhance you interview
  • Watch the Lighting Tutorial


  • Use iMovie to edit your interview
  • Find and place an image as an example of a cut away
  • Watch the Cut Away Tutorial


  • Export video from iMovie to .MOV format on your Mac
    • The export option is under the SHARE menu item in iMovie
  • Upload to your school YouTube account as Unlisted