Plagiarized Work Will Be Prosecuted

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Q. What sanctions does the University employ to combat cheating?

A. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, first-time violators may receive an official warning, a reprimand or be placed on disciplinary probation for up to the duration of their career at the University. These actions allow the institution to maintain official records so that repeat violators can be more easily identified and dealt with accordingly. Students found responsible for second violations are usually suspended from the University for a specified period of time or expelled permanently.
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  • Plagiarism is copying or imitating the language, ideas, and thoughts of another writer and passing them off as your own original work. You agree not to engage in plagiarism when publishing work in your blog.

So What’s The Big Deal?

  • Plagiarism is a problem because it keeps a teacher from being able to accurately assess a student’s skills and knowledge. When a student copies and pastes content, it does not demonstrate what they know.  It demonstrates that they can copy and paste. Period.
  • Stealing other people’s ideas is illegal. Period.
  • The internet is forever.  Past transgressions can haunt you for years to come.  When applying for a job, school, etc. past behavior can either make you look great or not-so-great.
  • Don’t do it.  It can lead to some very unpleasant consequences.

You Agree Not To:

Copy or Rephrase Another Student’s Work

  • Have someone else rewrite an assignment or rephrase any part of an assignment (not just proofread it) Copy content from student (for example, Cliff Notes), critical sources, reference materials, or other materials, in part or in whole, without acknowledgment (including by rephrasing ideas borrowed from such materials)

Source Citation

  • Any quotations from outside sources require full citations, including author, title, publisher, date of publication, and page number. If you’re citing information found on a website, provide the complete Web page or website title, URL, author if known, page number if applicable, and publication date of the site, if available.

The Following Steps Will Occur for the Above Infractions

  • 1st step – Warning and phone call to parent/guardian
    • No credit for the project
  • 2nd step – Referral to Administrator
    • No credit for the project
  • 3rd step – All steps above
    • Failure of course

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