Photoshop Basics Project

Creative Commons image at Flickr by Melisa Reinhold
Creative Commons image at Flickr by Melisa Reinhold

Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool. Digital image editing artists develop complex technique. Mr. Le Duc defines technique as the combing of simple skills to achieve a desired result. Technique develops over time with lots of practice. Students will develop technique as you practice many simples skills with the tools and settings in the program. You will also


  • Learn basic tools of digital image editing and start developing Photoshop image editing technique


  • 16.1 Understand how to prepare a computer to correctly display digital images.
  • 16.2 Adjust portions or complete images using software tools
  • 16.3 Use other techniques including filters to readjust or sharpen images
  • 16.4 Edit image using software including: burning, dodging, levels, masks, importance and benefits of using layers, retouching
  • 16.5 Understand the ethics of altering images.
  • 16.6 Understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of a number of kinds of printers and printer technologies


  • Blog post with 2 or more embedded pictures from Flickr
    • At least 1 before image, use 2 images if you are combining 2 images
    • 1 after image (after your edited it in Photoshop)


  • To be added later




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