Leadership Sign Up

Earning an “A”

Students earn up to a “B” in class if they do not complete leadership activities outside of class that demonstrates initiative, planning, and follow-through. The idea is that we want to promote students to take initiative in our community and support this behavior by promoting an “A” being self-directed, above average, exceptional work.

Individual Skills, Group Skills, and Community and Career Skills Options

Student Projects


To complete the Career and Technical Education leadership requirement for this year-long course, students complete at least one task from each of the 3 categories: Individual Skills, Group Skills, and Community and Career Skills, detailed below. Total time commitment is usually between 6 to 12 hours outside of class. Students will track/document their leadership activities on their Leadership page in their class blog at Edublogs.org. I check progress and remind students, monthly.

Here are the categories for leadership: