Photographic Storytelling


Take a series of images to tell a story.  Click on the image above to see an example.

Other Examples

Day 1

  • Brainstorm at least 4 ideas on a piece of paper
  • Storyboard 1 of the ideas on paper on the opposite side of the brainstorm piece of paper
  • Present to teacher (2 points)

Day 2 – 3

  • Take 6 pictures
    • Each picture should be well composed
    • Each picture is an example of one of the compositional rules
    • All the pictures tell a story in sequence, without words


Day 3 – 4

  • Upload to Flickr
  • Create a Set titled Photo Storytelling (6 points)
  • Gather Feedback from another student (1 Point)

Day 5

  • Create PocketMod with Adobe Illustrator template provided by teacher (1 point)