Fake Ad with Photoshop

Political Fake Ad

Spoof Ads


Fake Ad Project

  • Fake Ad (Final Photoshop Project)
    • Include your original scanned magazine image
    • Your fake ad image after you have Photoshopped it
    • Create a fake ad using an original ad, scanned from the magazine
    • Modify it with your Photoshop skills to create a completely new ad
    • Save your background layer so we can see the original image after you have done your work
    • Include a couple paragraphs explaining what you did and learned to create the fake ad
    • Nameat least ten Photoshop tools or techniques you used
      • AND describe how you used them
    • Demonstratethese tools and techniques
      • Scan a Magazine Ad
      • UseLayers
        • At least 5 layers
      • UseTools Palette
        • Use some of the following:
          • Selector Tools
          • Healing Tools
          • Painting Tools
          • Color Selector
      • Use Masks or Layer Adjustment effects
      • UseFilters
        • Use at least 1 filter
      • UseTransform tools
        • Use Scale, Resize
      • UseImage Adjustment
        • Use at least 1 image adjustment under the Image Menu
      • Set Image Size
        • Set image size of no bigger than 4 by 6 inches
      • SetResolution
        • Set the resolution to 72 dpi
      • Save to your Newton Server Account