Healing Hearts Ranch ReDesign

Heather from Healing Hearts Ranch in Tumwater visited the classroom to share ideas for a web site redesign.  Students participated in the interview and took notes on what is needed.  Heather stated that she wants to be able to update the site whenever it is needed with having to contact a web designer.  She also shared more details, which are listed below.

Original Site



Heather’s Visit

  • Navigation
    • All websites need to have a navigation scheme
    • Buttons at the top or vertical bars down the side
    • Links for what people can access
  • Menu
    • menu
  • Layout
    • Her favorite choices
    • template1
    • template2
  • Theme Search at WordPress
  • Content (Main Page)
    • Calender
    • Content and news in the center
    • Slideshow of pictures
  • Color
  • Fonts (That may work)
    • Academy Engraved LET
    • Baskerville/Baskerville old face
    • Bernhard Modern STD
    • Lucida Calligraphy
    • LunaITC
    • Maestro Times
    • Nueva STD
    • Papyrus
    • Perpetua Titling MT
    • Rosewood STD
    • Savoye LET
    • Adobe Jensen Pro
    • Apple Chancery
    • Monotope Corsiva
  • Notes
    • All mockups should be in black and white so you don’t get distracted while making the layout, then add color options once the mockups are designed
    • Build a color pallet before making your design is a good idea