Report Calls for National Effort to Get Millions Of Young Americans onto a Realistic Path to Employability


“A must-read paper that focuses on the need to develop meaningful career training as a part of comprehensive school reform. Career training has been ignored for far too long, but is essential if we’re going to address the “career-ready” piece of the puzzle that, along with the “college-ready” piece, is now all the buzz.”
– Joel I. Klein, Chancellor, New York City Public Schools (2002-2010)

“This thoughtful paper makes a strong case for the development of multiple pathways leading from high school to post-secondary education or career training. Those of us who support a single-track system through high school need to carefully consider the questions raised in this provocative report.”
– Phil Bredesen, Governor of Tennessee (2003-2011)

“Preparing tomorrow’s future leaders is a responsibility we all share. Pathways to Prosperity provides a clear way forward that demands the attention and participation of every sector working together to ensure our future success.”
– Sanford I. Weill, Chairman Emeritus, Citigroup and Chairman, National Academy Foundation

“Pathways to Prosperity opens the door to new strategies that can help a broader range of Americans, including the rapidly growing Latino population, gain the meaningful work and educational experiences they need to earn degrees and higher salaries, helping to create better jobs and a stronger workforce. The report reminds us that in order to close achievement gaps, we must develop a more effective and holistic strategy to develop human capital.”
– Sarita E. Brown, President, Excelencia in Education
“Anyone who cares about the future of America should read this report. Our nation’s adolescents and young adults must be better prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s more technical jobs. We cannot afford to leave anyone behind.”
– George R. Boggs, President and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges