China 2010 – Day 7 and 8

Yesterday it was cold and rainy in Wuhan. Very much like a Northwest winter day. Check out the current weather right now! Today it is not raining but still a bit chilly, at least for Wuhan. It has been in the mid-seventies most of last week. It was a great day to spend indoors with my stuffed critters and work on class material, which is exactly what I did. I updated the curriculum for the Software Engineering Class Web Site. I am using the free, Open Source, concept mapping program FreeMind to brainstorm the Parts of the Software Engineering Curriculum.

Today, November 15th, I taught two more classes and the students researched terms of software engineering. They were under impressed with the idea, but they worked hard to accomplish the task. One of them asked that they not have to do as much pure research and more project-based work. I was excited to hear his request. That’s the way I roll anyway. So, we are jumping into Project-based learning tomorrow.