My Presentation and VoiceThread

Step 1

  • Import your PowerPoint into VoiceThread
  • WARNING! You must save your PowerPoint as a PowerPoint  version or .pptx file first before uploading it.  Download your Google Slides as a .pptx file. Do this by clicking FILE, then SELECTING the option DOWNLOAD AS. Look at the screenshot below.

  • Download as ppt

Step 2

  • Verbally comment over the duration of the slide presentation
  • This is practice for your presentation.  The more you go over your content and the flow of your storytelling the more comfortable you will be when you do it for real!

Step 3

  • Remember to title your VoiceThread with you name.  This makes it easier for the viewer to find your wonderful work.


Step 4

  • Share your work with Mr. Le Duc
  • share

Step 5

  • Relax. You just took another amazing step in preparation of your culminating project presentation