Sub Notes for Oct 29

  • Web Development (Period 1)
    • Book day for those not yet to page 100 in the book
    • For everyone else: add your images into Photoshop
      • You need 20 images that represent material you enjoy or best described you
  • Intro to Com Arts and Vis Com Students (Periods 3, 4 and 6)
    • Create a account
    • Watch the Flickr creation videos to help you create your account, remember to set you settings to Profile Setting to Private
    • WARNING: If you cannot make a account at school please try at home come in early tomorrow morning
    • Review six compositional rules and
    • Finish your composition slideshow
    • Be ready to take pictures at the beginning of class tomorrow
    • Make sure you have the pictures from the shared folder on the Newton Server in your personal server account.  I will be erasing the material in the shared folder tomorrow.
    • Finish any other unfinished work
  • Gen TECH (Period 5)
    1. Follow Mr. Steele’s directions
    2. Work in Robotics Teams