Le Duc Photo Safari Team Roles

We are smarter than me.  All students will take turns in the following team roles.  We will rotate each time we go on safari.

Photographer/Technician: Camera Operations

  • Get camera
  • Turn on camera
  • Delete all pictures on card
  • Set camera to manual or to teacher recommendation
  • Check the light meter to make sure it’s working
  • Set lens to manual focus or MF
  • Set lens to 50 or 55 mm
  • Set lens to smallest F-stop setting, example: f 1.8 or 5.6
    • For the portrait image (shallow depth of field)
  • Set shutter speed to 1/60
    • For the motion image
  • Set that film speed or ISO to teacher recommendation (usually 400)

Recorder/Director: Know the Plan / Write It Down

  • Get clipboard
  • Get piece of paper
  • Get pen or pencil
  • Write the date
  • Record team number
  • Record team member names
  • Write who took what pictures
  • Record the information for each picture

Downloader/Image Manager: Download and Save Pictures

  • Get a multimedia cable
  • Plug cable into USB port in back of computer
  • Turn on camera
  • Download pictures with iPhoto
  • Drag images to desktop and add to class shared folder on Newton Server
  • Turn off  camera
  • Bring back to the teacher