Presentation Slam

Three member student teams will create a presentation on a information technology issue in one class period to be presented the next day. We will use the rules of pecha kucha.

The Process

  1. Pick an issue related to Information Technology
  2. Create a right /left brain friendly presentation
  3. Present in class

Presentation Content

  1. The issue or problem
  2. A brief description of the information technology behind the issue
  3. Potential solutions

Presentation Style

  1. ‘Left brain’ content detail will be connected with ‘right brain’ context or ‘big picture’
    • Text will be embedded in images to further understanding
  2. Effort will be made to connect the presentation content with the audience point of view
  3. Proper citation will be followed for material referenced and used

Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Researcher (3 points)

    • Finds and cites three sources (citations included on the final slide) for the following:

      1. The issue or problem (1 point)
      2. The information technology element(s) involved with the issue (1 point)
      3. At least two possible solutions (1 point)
  • Presentation Builder (3 points)

    • Prepares and publishes the slides to
      1. Use images, text and emotion to convey concepts and connect with audience (1 point)
      2. Using Pecha Kucha format: images are full slide, text is large, clear and concise included inside the image, not next to the image, no bullet points (1 point)
      3. Final three slide cite: 1- the news articles, 2 – the sources of the images and 3 – the team members (1 point)
  • Presenter (3 points)

    • Delivers the presentation

      1. Helps construct the image and text relationship for each slide (1 point)
      2. Finds images related to the content, helps compose the text and cite sources of the images (1 point)
      3. Vocally delivers the presentation without reading the slides, the slides connect the context (right brain), the presenter shares the content (left brain) (1 point)
  • Quality Controller (3 points)
    • Write and email Mr. Le Duc a review of the best elements listed below and why they worked well:

      1. Research process
      2. Presentation build
      3. Resource citing
      4. Presentation process


After the first slam was completed, the class did a simple silent data gathering process based on Total Quality Learning techniques. Students wrote down one idea of reflection per post it note. The notes were gathered and organized on a table. Three teams of about ten each sorted the notes into similar categories without speaking. Below are some of the results. Many of the results got lost when a student’s account had files deleted because of a system glitch.

  • Need to choose issues that are problems.
  • Too much reading from slides.
  • Good pictures, facts and used humor.
  • I didn’t like how some people didn’t explain technical terms so I felt lost.
  • The fast presentation pace was much more interesting than regular presentations.
  • I like the humor in some presentations.
  • Liked having one person for each part (info, power point, presentation)
  • One group didn’t have a problem or solution.
  • I don’t like having groups.
  • There was enough time.
  • Dislike having assigned groups, I would like to choose.