Area of Impact – Politics and Government

  • Political process: voting and elections, lobbying, open government and free movement of information
  • Government and administration: record keeping, tax collection, policy implementation
  • Legislation: policy development, enactment, enforcement and analysis
  • Police: DNA data collection, video surveillance
  • Military: cyberwarfare, smart weapons, development, espionage
  • Rebel and terrorist use of IT

Issues to Consider

Electronic voting

  • The impact of IT on the Political Process
    • Investigate IT systems required for electronic/online voting: hardware and softwareWrite a brief case-study of one country that has used electronic voting (e.g. Australia)
      • What are the main concerns with electronic voting?
      • Authenticating the voter
      • Reliability and security of the database
    • What are the main advantages and disadvantages of electronic voting? Give examples
    • What are other social and ethical issues resulting from electronic voting? Evaluate your arguments
    • Provide a Bangladesh perspective on voting and IT for the forthcoming elections: what are the main issues?

Getting started

Immigration and Passport Control

  • The Impact of IT on Law Enforcement
    • Investigate IT systems for law enforcement for immigration and passport control: hardware and software e.g. CCTV, digital face recognition “facial fingerprint”
    • What is E-Passport?
    • Discuss the use of database systems to store and search for data. What are the main issues?

Getting started

Global Positioning System

  • The Impact of IT on the Military and Security
    • What are the main components of a Global Positioning System and how does it operate?
    • Investigate the use of GPS’s for military, civilian, and non-military government use
    • What are the issues to do with countries having control of this tool?

Getting started

Policy Implementation

  • The Impact of IT on Government Administration
    • In what ways do governments utilise ICT to keep records and implement policies?
    • Research and compare at least two different countries, including Bangladesh
    • Provide specific examples of software/hardware/systems
    • Provide specific case studies for Bangladesh (invite a guest speaker)
    • Discuss the definition of data mining and data matching in relation to government databases

Gettign started

Freedom of the Internet

  • The influence and control over access to and content of the Internet
    • Who owns the Internet?
    • Research fact and opinion about who owns and controls Internet access globally
    • Make a study of at least two different countries, including China: contrast and compare their policies and approaches to censorship of the Internet
    • What are the main issues concerning government control and /or influence over Internet access?
    • How does government control/censorship affect business and education?

Getting started


  • Government organisations and policies to fight crime asociated with IT
  • Write a brief case study choosing one example of using IT to enforce a law or solve a crimeWhat are social and ethical issues to do with DNA data collection? Evaluate your argument

Crime Scene Investigation

  • The Impact of IT on Fighting Crime

Traffic Control

  • The Impact of IT on Law Enforcement
  • Investigate IT systems for traffic control: hardware and software e.g. radar torch, speed cameras

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