ITGS Assessment Objectives

The assessment objectives of ITGS are detailed below:

Assessment Objective 1 (AO1): knowledge and understanding of specified content

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge of ITGS terminology and concepts
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge of IT systems
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specific ITGS research topics

Assessment Objective 2 (AO2): application and interpretation

  • Explain the effects of IT applications and developments on specific areas of impact
  • Explain the social and ethical issues related to specific IT applications and developments
  • Apply a systematic approach to problem solving in IT
  • Transfer IT knowledge from a familiar situation to an unfamiliar one

Assessment Objective 3 (AO3): synthesis and evaluation

  • Evaluate the local and global impacts of specific IT developments through individually
  • researched studies
  • Evaluate the social and ethical implications of specific IT policies and developments
  • Synthesize current IT knowledge to recommend a coherent and detailed solution to

Assessment Objective 4 (AO4): use of ITGS skills

  • Demonstrate evidence of project management in the development of an original product to
  • resolve a specific issue (IA only)
  • Use IT tools and the Development / Systems Life Cycle to create the original product (IA only)
  • Demonstrate evidence of appropriate research skills
  • Produce well structured written work using appropriate terminology and referencing

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