Create DIV Tags & Modify with CSS

    1. Make a folder named “surf” on your desktop.
    2. Make another folder named “media” inside your surf folder.
    3. Download the surf.html file into your surf folder.
    4. Download the surf.gif file into your media folder.
    5. Open surf.html in Dreamweaver.
    6. View the source code and look to see how the div tags work in the CSS at the top of the page and in the HTML.
    7. Create another div tag in the source code.
    8. Upload the surf folder to your HULK account.
    9. Make a BLOG entry titled “My Surfing with CSS Experience” about your experience today. Please share how your feeling about CSS. I really want to know if you are getting this stuff or not and please don’t feel bad if you are a bit confused. I appreciate the fact that you are trying.