Sample Self Evaluation

A self evaluation will be published after the project is completed or two weeks after the start date, whichever comes first.   The goal of the self evaluation is to document what the student did , learned and problem-solved throughout the project.  It is a self-reflective document that reveals the student’s understanding of their accomplishments and areas for personal and skill growth.

Self Evaluation

  • At least one every two weeks
  • One paragraph in length
  • Explain what you
  1. did
  2. learned and
  3. one problem you had to overcome
  • Great Self Evaluation also includes:

    • Screenshot or Picture
    • Proper grammar and spelling
    • starbuzz
    • I finished my work on chapter one of the Head First HTML and CSS book.  I have created a couple basic web pages, including the starbuzz page above, and have posted them to my hulk account.  I have learn the structure of HTML tags, where they go in a document and that I can create an HTML file with any text editor.  I had to figure out where  the code went in the document.  I put it in the wrong place a couple times but another student in class helped me.  It is a little boring typing it all by hand and I cannot wait to use a program that fills in the HTML tags for me.