Illustrator Basics Lesson


  • Goal
    • Explore basics of Adobe Illustrator
    • Learn the basic layout of the program
    • Create a logo
  • Product
    1. An Illustrator document of the tools you used
      • The messier the better!
      • Make it look really crazy colorful
      • You get credit for trying!
    2. 3 questions for The Teacher tomorrow
      • Did you run into trouble with Illustrator?
      • Can’t figure out how to do something?
      • Write them down!
  • Process
    • Watch the video tutorial above created by Mr. Le Duc
    • Open Illustrator
    • Explore as many tools and menu items as possible
    • Create an example of your work to show tomorrow
    • Save your work to your Newton Server Account
  • Tool
  • Resource
  • Evaluation
    • Use type tool
    • Use a few shapes
    • Include color in path or fill