Generation TECH VoiceThread Posts

What to included in your VoiceThread

  1. Title it “YOUR NAME’s Project Progress for November 14th”
    • EXAMPLE: Scott Le Duc’s Progress for November 14th
  2. Write a description of your project in the description area of your VoiceThread
    • EXAMPLE: My goal was to learn more about image manipulation in Photoshop.
  3. Share with audio or text very specific details of what you did and what you learned
    • DID:  Detail day by day your working schedule
      • EXAMPLE: I worked on this tutorial on Monday . . .
    • LEARNED: Explain what new understanding you have because of this work you have done.
      • EXAMPLE:  I now know how to use the Layers Pallet in Photoshop
  4. Publish your VoiceThread TODAY!
  5. Solicit 4 people to comment on your VoiceThread
    1. These comments should verify that you did and learned what you stated in your VoiceThread
  6. Need Help?
    1. I have published a few screencasts on this web site to help you with VoiceThread
      1. Creation
      2. Sharing
      3. Commenting