Curriculum Mapping Technology Systems Exploration

  1. Please read this article about the Curriculum Mapping Model
  2. Create a rubric for evaluating each curriculum mapping tool
  3. Explore each of the curriculum mapping tools linked below and make a list of the pros and cons of each for class comparison and discussion. Due Tuesday.

Commercial mapping systems accessible via the Internet:

Curriculum Mapper
Rubicon Atlas
Tech Paths

Curriculum Mapping Research

Is there research to support curriculum mapping’s usage generates positive-change results? Click here for more information regarding the answer to this question and a sample selection of investigative research.

Material taken from:

Curriculum Mapping Tool Comparison Rubric

Please use the following rubric to compare each of the tools. Use numbers for each criterion, check the winner in each category or measure each with your own comparison scale. The choice is yours. Please have notes about each criterion to verbally share. We will discuss your results on Tuesday.

CRITERIA Curriculum Mapper Rubicon Atlas Tech Paths Questions / Comments
Data generated by system (Graphs) 3 3 3 Many strengths for each system, can customize reports in different ways
K-12 Span 3 3 3 All had complete span
Example Schools(Similar Demographics) 3 3 3 All had good examples
Standards-based (Aligned) 1 3 2 Atlas only product explored
Track Concepts Through Disciplines 3 3 1
Customer Support 3 – did not get a hold of a person, did get a call back 3 – 3 minutes 3 – 12 minutes Time to talk to support person 1PM PST
Assessment 3 1 2 Curriculum Mapper has grade book
Cost Number of students vs. teachers active in the system, create a detailed rating for cost comparison
Migration of Data(If account closed) 3 3 3 Can retreive data as needed, may need to get details for specifics
Bonus Features(What comes with the package)

(Possible add-ons)

Designed by teachers, oldest more data Individual crafted templates and multilingual Charting data of standards addressed
Initial Impression of Web Site 2 3 1
Support 1 – did not get a hold of a person, did get a call back 3 – 3 minutes 2 – 12 minutes
Navigation 1 3 2
Integrated grading system with Mapping 3 1 1 Grading system tied into the system or not, more needs to be compared between the products
Lesson and template flexibility (e.g. UBD) 2 3 2 Tech Paths will rollover units to the next year
Location 1 – Rhode Island 3 – Oregon 1 – Pennsylvania Time zone, support, understand culture. Curriculum mapper available until 9PM
TOTALS 31 38 28