Mr. Le Duc’s and Wright’s Student Portfolios

  • Period 6


  • Length of class : 1 year
  • Occupational Ed or Elective: 9, 10, 11, and 12
  • Prerequisite: none
  • The world of media is awash in striking images, presentations, animation, video, audio and graphic design created to capture our imagination and communicate complex ideas. This class explores the basics of digital photography, video, audio, presentation, graphics creation, multimedia, and Internet technologies as vehicles for expression. Emphasis is placed on personal expression of complex ideas, leadership, and skills development. Students are exposed to the value of being not just consumers but also authors and publishers of media. Issues are raised and discussed about modern expression and its implications. ¬†UPDATE!

The Power of Project Based Learning

Screencasts – Assistance in Self-Directed Learning


  • Projects
  • Daily or Home Work
  • Portfolio (Class Final)

Grade Scale

Level Letter Skyward High % Skyward Low % Descriptor
4 A 100.00% 92.50% Advanced. Consistently exceeds proficient level of standard(s).
3.5 A- 92.49% 86.67% Proficient but partial success at advanced level.
B+ 86.66% 80.84%
3 B 80.83% 75.00% Proficient. Consistently (usually) meets standard(s).
2.5 B- 74.99% 66.67% Basic but partial success at proficient level.
C+ 66.66% 58.34%
2 C 58.33% 50.00% Basic. Inconsistently (occasionally) meets standard(s).

Academic Integrity


  • Through project work, technical and creative media skills are developed, working toward mastery
  • Projects are composed of a plan, to be composed and shared by the teacher, and a product, to be composed and shared by the student
  • Each project is about two weeks in length
  • Students produce projects throughout the term
  • Students present the product the last day of the project cycle

Daily Work

  • Students will receive a daily grade for being on task with the daily work. Credit will be reduced for any conduct not contributing to an academic atmosphere. Credit will not be granted if the student is absent, but the points can be made up upon return. Please refer to the online class schedule for missing work and consult with the teacher for make-up work.


Advanced / Independent Student Projects

Project Topics

Getting Started and Leadership

  • Goals
    • Learn more about self, classroom and media
  • Terms
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Personality Type
    • Illustration
    • Images
    • Layout
    • Video
    • Web
    • Animation
    • Audio
  • Concepts and Standards
    • Visual Communications Course Code 100290 Frameworks Standards
      • C-11.0 Identify and Use Various Software Available for Producing and Editing Media
        • C-11.1 Illustration
        • C-11.2 Images
        • C-11.3 Layout
        • C-11.4 Video
        • C-11.5 Web
        • C-11.6 Animation
        • C-11.7 Audio
    • Arts EALR’s
      • 4.5 Demonstrates knowledge of arts careers and the role of arts skills in the world of work
  • Projects

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Digital Image Manipulation (Photoshop)

  • Goals
    • Learn to manipulate images and graphics with Photoshop
  • Terms and Concepts
    1. Use Image Mode, select RGB
    2. Duplicate Background Layer
    3. Use Multiple Layers, at least 5
    4. Use Layer Adjustments, at the bottom of the layer pallet
    5. Use Layer Masks
    6. Use Image Adjustments, under the IMAGE Menu Item
    7. Use Curves, under the IMAGE Menu Item
    8. Use Transform Tools
    9. Resize & Crop Images
    10. Use Black-And-White Conversion
    11. Use Filters
    12. Follow a tutorial at
    13. Adjust Image Size
    14. Save For The Web
    15. Be Creative! Points awarded for trying things and exploring options in the program
    16. Use these Specific Tools in the Tool Palette
      1. Use Move Tool
      2. Use Marquee Tools
      3. Use Lasso Tools
      4. Use Magic Wand
      5. Use Crop Tool
      6. Use Healing Tools
      7. Use Clone Stamp Tool
      8. Use Eraser Tool
      9. Use Paint Bucket Tool
      10. Use Gradient Tool
      11. Use Text Tool
  • Concepts
    • Advertising and media’s influence on our culture
  • Resources
  • Projects

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Photography (Digital)

  • Goals
    • Learn basic camera functions
    • Learn basic photo composition rules
    • Learn to manage digital images
    • Learn about Creative Commons and copyright
  • Terms
    • Lens / Aperture
    • Shutter Speed
    • File Speed / ISO
    • Depth of Field
    • Resolution / Bit Depth
    • Composition
    • Cropping
  • Concepts
    • Composition

      • Rule of Thirds
      • Simplicity
      • Balance
      • Lines
      • Framing
      • Avoiding Mergers
  • Projects

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Video (iMovie)

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Slide Show (PowerPoint)

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  • To Be Determined by Student

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