Class Portfolios

  • Period 3
  • Period 5


  • Length of class: 1 semester, repeatable
  • Occupational Ed or Elective: 9, 10, 11, and 12
  • Prerequisite: Introduction to Communication Arts
  • Takes students through the basic steps involved in authoring and producing HTML documents, placing them on a web server, and maintaining a site. Also covered will be working with new possibilities in text, images, sound and video content on the Web. This will require gaining competency in the use of a number of multimedia authoring applications. Students will be actively involved in producing both their own pages and pages they develop in partnership with other classes at Olympia High School and other schools in the district or county.

The Power of Project Based Learning

Screencasts – Assistance in Self-Directed Learning

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  • Projects(Plans and Products)
    • Beginning Students
      • Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML Book plus other learning resources
        • Students should complete a chapter a week in the book as well as create the associated web files from each chapter
        • Work should be saved to their student server account
      • Book Web Site
    • Advanced Students
      • Advanced students work independently on self-authored projects focusing on interactive web development like PHP, MySQL and Javascript
  • Daily Work
    • Assigned throughout term
  • Final and Portfolio
    • A collection of class work and created before the end of the term
    • At least 30 journal entries created
    • 10 self-evlauations documenting progress created

Grade Scale

Level Letter Skyward High % Skyward Low % Descriptor
4 A 100.00% 92.50% Advanced. Consistently exceeds proficient level of standard(s).
3.5 A- 92.49% 86.67% Proficient but partial success at advanced level.
B+ 86.66% 80.84%
3 B 80.83% 75.00% Proficient. Consistently (usually) meets standard(s).
2.5 B- 74.99% 66.67% Basic but partial success at proficient level.
C+ 66.66% 58.34%
2 C 58.33% 50.00% Basic. Inconsistently (occasionally) meets standard(s).

Academic Integrity

Projects – 60%

Advanced Student Self-Directed Skills Development

  • Through project work, technical and creative media skills are developed, working toward mastery
  • Projects are about two weeks in length
  • Students produce 10 projects during the term
  • A Project is composed of a plan and product


    • Due the first day of the project
    • Plan Requirments
      • Title
      • Decscription
      • Timeline
      • Resources
    • Sample Project Plan


    • Present new skills developed through project work on the project due date

  Sample Plan

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Daily Work – 20%

  • Work will be assigned and assessed throughout the term to enhance understanding of key concepts
  • Students will receive a daily grade for being on task with the daily work. Credit will be reduced for any conduct not contributing to an academic atmosphere. Credit will not be granted if the student is absent, but the points can be made up upon return. Please refer to the online class schedule for missing work and consult with the teacher for make-up work.

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Leadership -10%

  • Students will enhance our learning community and contribute to the class knowledge-based by:
    • “We are smarter than me” is our working motto. Students will actively support each other in learning and exploring
    • Demonstrating understanding through presentating their work to the class (All students)
    • Researching contributors to the arts and technology fields covered by the class (Beginning students)
    • Creating a learning resource (Intermediate students)
    • Mentoring other students (Advanced students)
    • Student leadership assignments

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Portfolio – 5%

Process (Self-Directed Assessment)

  • Students will maintain a journal throughout the term to document their working process
  • The journal details what was done and learned
  • An average of two journal entries are expected per week
    • A small paragraph of at least four complete sentences will qualify as an entry
    • At least 30 entries are expected by the beginning of the last week of class
  • Sample Journal Entry

Progress (Self-Directed Evaluation)

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Final – 5%

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