One Minute Film

CC image Girl with clock by Marco Verch at Flickr
CC image Girl with clock by Marco Verch at Flickr

Material below was adapted from the 2019 IB Film Teacher Support Material

Blog Post Title and Heading Titles

  • Make a blog post titled, One Minute Film
  • Create the following headings:
    • Summary
    • Pre-production
    • Production
    • Post-production
    • What I Learned & Problems I Solved


  • Write meaningful reflections and feedback in your film journals as part of their daily routine.
  • 1–2 classes for pre-production.
  • 2–3 classes for production.
  • 2–4 classes for post-production.
  • Screening and feedback
  • Collectively critique their film work from day one


Working in groups of three or four (depending on the amount of equipment available—although, for this assignment, even a mobile device or smartphone is capable of acting as a camera), provide students with a stimuli or prompt. This could be a topic, theme or a starting point (similar to what you would use in theatre or for creative writing). Ask students to brainstorm a one-minute film. The amount of time you have for this introductory assignment will dictate the amount of time given and level of planning you can expect. This is a suitable time to introduce the elements of a good pitch and/or storyboard. One to two lessons should be enough for this process.


Dedicate one or two lessons to the basic instructions about how to operate the film equipment. At very least, this should include a camera, tripod and microphone. Once students are familiar with the basic functions, enable them to film their one-minute film. As there are bound to be questions, it is advisable to schedule this during class time and have students work on campus for this project.


Provide students with an introduction to editing a sequence and have them edit their film together. Adjust this to the level of expertise in the class but it is acceptable for this to be very basic at this point.

Kick-starting projects

1. Selecting a starting point or prompt for the class will cut down the amount of time students spend in coming up with an idea. Inspiration for this prompt might feasibly come from:

  • an event or news item
  • an idea, issue, question or theme
  • an image or photograph
  • a prop
  • an existing film script or storyboard
  • a character (fictitious or real)
  • a location or establishment.

2. Ask students to create a one-minute public service announcement (PSA) based on an issue or theme of relevance to them.

3. Ask students to create a one-minute advertisement for an activity, club or event at the school or in the community.


  • PDF version of The Bootcamp Roles and Forms list below (Updated March of 2017)
    • Currently being re-worked for the new IB DP Film Course – testing in 2019


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