Wright – Photoshop 3D

We are going to take a look at creating 3D object in photoshop for the next week or so.

We have 2 items that EVERYONE is going to complete:

The first one is creating an apple from a blank canvas:

Follow this Tutorial: Green Apple

2nd:  We will be posting other tutorials for you to pick from:

3D ball – 3D Snooker ball – 3D can of Coke – If you want to do something else you can find one on your own and get it approved by Mr. Wright before starting. You can find these and other turorials here:  Photoshop lady there are 7 pages of options click through to find ones you like

When we are done we are going to turn in 2 things
1. Copy of Apple picture (see above)
2. Copy of any other object you want to create using a tutorial that will give you new skills